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What is the role of RV Reducer used in Robot Joint?

In recent years, with the increase in labor costs and advancements in technology, the development of unmanned factories has become a major trend. In the field of automation, the application of industrial robots is particularly common and has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Manufacturing companies are increasingly favoring the use of more mechanized, efficient, and cost-effective robots.

Speaking of industrial robots, we cannot ignore one of its important components, which is the robot reducer, also known as the robot gearbox.

I believe friends in the mechanical industry are aware that the driving source of industrial robots is driven by transmission components to achieve the movement or rotation of joints, thereby enabling the movement of the body, arms, and wrists. The robot reducer plays a crucial role in this process. The robot reducer is a precise power transmission device that helps the robot achieve precise movement and command transmission, allowing each part of the robot to work closely together to complete complex tasks.

So, what is the role of the industrial robot joint reducer?

The operation of industrial robots mainly relies on three components: servo motors, reducers, and controllers. The gear speed converter of the robot reducer is used to reduce the motor speed to the required speed and obtain greater torque, thereby reducing speed and increasing torque. It can precisely control the movement of robot joints and transmit greater torque. Currently, common types of robot reducers are RV reducers installed in heavy-duty positions such as the upper arm and shoulder of industrial robots, and harmonic reducers installed in light-load positions such as the forearm, wrist, and palm.

The robot reducer is a device used to reduce backlash and improve the accuracy of industrial robot systems. It achieves this by reducing the rotational backlash between gears. This can improve accuracy when moving components and reduce errors during the motion process. The importance of installing reducers at the joints of industrial robots lies in their ability to improve the overall accuracy of the industrial robot system.

The robot reducer can also provide the function of transmitting greater torque. When the load on the joints of industrial robots is high, simply increasing the power of the servo motor is not cost-effective, as any issues with the servo motor can be troublesome. Therefore, the output can be improved within an appropriate speed range through the reducer. In addition, servo motors tend to generate heat and low-frequency vibrations when operating at low frequencies, which is not conducive to ensuring the accurate and reliable operation of industrial robots for long periods of time and in cyclic work.

The above is a detailed introduction to the role of robot reducers. If you want to learn more about reducer information, please follow us.

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