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Solution for Dragon Claw Massage Gearbox

Project Introduction:

The head massager stimulates the scalp and head muscles to alleviate head nerve tension. Conventional massagers are bulky and not portable. To address the size issue of the head massager, the key is to reduce the volume of the gear reducer. Kehua Precision has optimized the structure of the gear box, perfectly meeting the customer's requirements.

Project Requirements:

The product requires a compact structure, low noise, high torque, long lifespan, and low cost.

Solution Description:

Kehua Precision has established a dedicated project team to focus on overcoming the challenges. Through multiple discussions with the customer's technical team, the following technical points have been adopted:

1. The adoption of parallel-axis cylindrical gears in the gear reducer effectively reduces the space occupied by the gear box.

2. The use of a worm gear as the motor output gear enhances efficiency and reduces noise.

3. Efficient utilization of the same gear reduces the number of molds required, thereby lowering costs.

4. The adoption of imported motors improves efficiency and reduces vibration.

Advantages of the solution:

1. The design of the appearance and structure emphasizes a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-install form.

2. It employs a fully metallic gear structure, providing greater torque, reliability, and reduced noise.

3. Within a limited volume, it enhances the torque output of the gears, featuring low backlash, high efficiency, low noise, and high torque.

4. It exhibits stable performance, high transmission accuracy, and enables instantaneous conversion.

5. High efficiency, energy-saving, and low heat generation.

6. The motor's power supply section is sealed through a terminal box, featuring modular design, electromechanical integration, and dust and moisture resistance.

7. Customizable power to meet the requirements of various products, equipment, and environmental factors.

This solution is suitable for various types of massage devices, such as electric massage chairs, foot massagers, and back massagers.

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