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Low backlash planetary reducer applied to AGV car

AGM is called automatic guided vehicle or AGV car. They are efficient, reliable and multifunctional material handling trolleys, which are commonly used in warehousing, airport transportation, automated production lines and other industries.

All AGVs have one thing in common: their deployment is limited by existing battery packs. Therefore, it is very important to convert electric energy into kinetic energy as effectively as possible. Reducers play an important role in this process. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of AGV manufacturers, Fu Bao has developed a series of planetary reducers with high efficiency and low backlash, which are especially suitable for this purpose. The planetary reducer suitable for AGV application has the following characteristics:

1. The planetary transmission device has the highest coupling density.

2. Low clearance means high positioning accuracy.

3. It can bear higher radial load. (higher payload)

4. High axial load can also be achieved, which makes steering easier.

5. The reduction ratio ranges from 3 to 100.

6. All three-phase motors, stepping motors and servo motors can be used as standard configurations.

The planetary reducer gear used in AGV car is made of high-quality alloy steel, which has the best wear resistance and impact resistance after carbonitriding treatment, further prolonging the service life of the reducer and running more smoothly. For AGV cars, the load capacity is stronger and frequent operation can be realized.

Fu Bao Electromechanical Technology has been deeply involved in the precision reducer industry for many years, and can design and manufacture planetary reducers for different types of AGV transportation, making your process more flexible, efficient and safe.
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