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Precision Control: Gearboxes for Robot Arms

Articulated robot arms equipped with planetary and cycloidal gearboxes are widely used in injection molding applications to pick, place and remove molds with high speed, precision and flexibility.

The planetary gearboxes offer high torque capacity in a compact design, which allows the arm to operate under heavy loads while occupying minimal space. The unique planetary gear arrangement provides smooth, low-backlash movement critical for precision control.

Cycloidal gearboxes also produce high torque efficiently while minimizing vibration and noise. Their unique gear tooth profile and eccentric shaft mounting generate smoother motion compared to other gearbox types. The cycloidal gearing is ideal for the complex multi-axis articulated motions required in injection molding robots.

Together, planetary and cycloidal gearboxes enable robot arms to achieve superior accuracy and repeatability for picking and placing molds. This results in faster cycle times, consistent high quality parts and increased productivity for injection molding operations.

Our gearboxes are engineered for high reliability and durability under continuous heavy loads. We utilize robust steel alloys and precision machining to ensure the gearboxes deliver long and consistent performance in busy 24/7 production environments.

With a focus on innovation, Fubao Technology continuously improve our gearbox performance to push the boundaries for precision, speed, and efficiency in advanced robotics applications like injection molding.

Fubao Micro cycloidal reducer used in machinery Fubao Micro Cycloidal Reducer

Dongguan Fubao Precision Reducer Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the research and sales of high-precision reducers, is the only manufacturer in the world that produces cycloidal structures in harmonic dimensions.

Established in 2015, Fubao has applied for international patents for its micro cycloidal high-precision reducers. These reducers are widely used in various fields such as robotics and automation, machine tool manufacturing, medical systems, and research institutions.

The WF series high precision cycloidal reducer adopts the cycloidal pinwheel principle and eliminates the planetary gear stage in the RV structure. It integrates high-strength crossed roller bearings, offering advantages such as high precision, low backlash, high rigidity, and compact size.

Fubao micro cycloidal reducers have the following features:

1. Low backlash

2. Ultra-high precision (transmission loss ≤ 1 arcmin)

3. Low starting torque

4. Integrated design for electromechanical integration, allowing direct connection with motors

5. Single-stage structure with large speed ratio (15~121)

6. Lightweight and compact size (starting from φ 32 mm)

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