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A Comprehensive Alternative to Harmonic Drive

Harmonic drive is an essential power device among many mechanical equipment, because of its extremely high precision, especially suitable for cutting-edge fields that require precise motion control. But harmonic drive has a big downside, it has a short lifespan and is not durable. So, is there any gearbox that can replace the harmonic drive?

The WF miniature cycloidal gearbox produced by FUBAO gearbox manufacturer can completely replace the harmonic drive in some cases. This gearbox adopts a new generation of power transmission system and newly developed radial-axial output bearings. Its performance not only has the small size and high precision of the harmonic drive, but also has the characteristics that the harmonic drive does not have, such as high rigidity, long lifespan, and a wide range of reduction ratios, making up for the shortcomings of the harmonic drive.

This miniature cycloidal gearbox is modularly designed, it can be installed with motors and gearboxes through flanges, and it also provides solid shaft and hollow shaft series products for customers to choose from, making installation more flexible and convenient.

Currently, this gearbox is widely used in precision conveying, lifting, printing, packaging, food and other automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Of course, in our audio-visual equipment, stage lighting, fitness equipment, medical devices, and other facilities, this miniature cycloidal gearbox is also indispensable as a supporting device.

What are the advantages of WF micro cycloidal reducer?

WF micro cycloidal reducer is a high-precision and high-efficiency transmission device with many advantages and wide applications. Its design adopts the cycloid gear principle and can achieve high-speed ratio transmission, so it has been widely used in industrial production. The following will introduce the advantages and applications of WF micro cycloidal reducer.

First of all, high precision and efficiency

One of the advantages of WF micro cycloidal reducer is its high precision and efficiency. It adopts the cycloid gear transmission principle, has high transmission accuracy, and can achieve smooth operation and efficient energy transfer. This makes it widely used in fields that require precision transmission, such as precision mechanical equipment, medical equipment, and precision instruments.

Secondly, compact structure and lightweight

WF micro cycloidal reducer has the characteristics of compact structure and lightweight. This makes it highly applicable in equipment with limited space and can meet the needs of various mechanical systems. Its compact design also makes it easier to install and maintain.

In addition, a wide transmission range

WF micro cycloidal reducer also has a wide transmission range and can meet the transmission accuracy requirements of different mechanical equipment. It has a wide transmission range and is suitable for various occasions requiring precision transmission, providing reliable support for production in different industries.

WF micro cycloid reducer is also widely used

It has important applications in industrial automation production lines, robots, CNC equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments and other fields. In these fields, the requirements for transmission accuracy and stability are high, and WF micro cycloidal reducer is the ideal choice to meet these needs.

In general, WF micro cycloid reducer has become an indispensable part of industrial production with its high precision, high efficiency, compact structure and wide range of applications. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation and the increasing requirements for transmission accuracy, WF micro cycloid reducer will play an important role in more fields.

FUBAO has a professional technical team and a complete production line. After continuous exploration, they have applied for 18 invention patents, of which 6 have applied for international PCT invention patents. The newly developed transmission technology, coupled with innovative structural innovations, not only reduces the difficulty of manufacturing and assembly, but also enables the design of ultra-large speed ratio transmission. Therefore, in some cases, it can completely replace the harmonic drive.

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