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Advancements in Precision Cycloidal Gearboxes

In recent years, the development of the robotics industry in China has been flourishing. As a crucial component of robots, the field of gear reduction has also experienced a new wave of advancement. However, this technology has long been dominated by foreign brands, resulting in high manufacturing costs for domestic robots and severely hindering the healthy growth of the domestic robotics industry. The urgency for domestic substitution is evident.

1) The entire world will undergo a profound transformation

To participate in shaping this world, it is imperative that we master genuine technologies; otherwise, we will constantly be subject to the control of others. Based on this principle, Dongguan FUBAO has dedicated over a decade to the research and development of precision gear reduction technology. We spared no effort in investing substantial resources and inviting technical personnel from Germany and Taiwan to collaborate on the creation of a new miniature precision cycloidal gear reducer.

Its dimensions align with those of harmonic gear reducers for robots, yet it surpasses harmonic gear reducers in terms of backlash, rigidity, and lifespan by more than three times, thus partially compensating for the shortcomings of harmonic gear reducers.Consequently, in certain applications within the robotics industry, it can seamlessly replace the use of harmonic gear reducers.

2) High-precision cycloidal gear reducers has undergone a qualitative leap

With the continuous advancement of technology, the performance of Dongguan FUBAO's high-precision cycloidal gear reducers has undergone a qualitative leap. They possess not only the traditional features of low speed and high torque but also high efficiency, high reliability, low noise, and low vibration.

In the future, our cycloidal gear reducers will continue to evolve towards being more lightweight, intelligent, and energy-efficient, better meeting the application requirements of the robotics field. Additionally, apart from traditional industrial robots, this outstanding performance cycloidal gear reducer can also be applied in emerging fields such as medical robots and service robots.

In conclusion, the prospects for the development of cycloidal gear reducers are immeasurable. They represent a revolutionary product in the robotics industry and serve as a turning point in the development process of domestic robots, thereby facilitating the healthy growth of the domestic robotics industry.

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