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Advantages of FUBAO AGV differential drive wheel

Under the background of Industry 4.0, AGV, as an active industry in the current robot industry, has blossomed in various fields and has a strong response. AGV is the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle, which means "automatic guided transport vehicle" and is sometimes called "unmanned transport vehicle".

How a small AGV can drag hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects and achieve millimeter-level accuracy is closely related to the wheel-side driving mode of AGV.

The wheel drive of AGV is mainly divided into two structural modes: differential drive and steering wheel. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce the application of differential drive wheel set in AGV.

Based on the original steering wheel set, the differential drive wheel set of Dongguan fubao is designed in depth. With the "high-precision micro cycloidal reducer" as the core, the reducer and the drive wheel are designed as a whole, and the DC motor is connected externally, which becomes a highly integrated electromechanical AGV differential drive wheel set component.

Due to the compact structure of fubao high-precision micro cycloidal reducer, the AGV differential drive wheel set reduces the space occupied by the walking drive wheel in the same size AGV, increases the battery capacity and correspondingly increases the endurance of the AGV.

Compared with the common AGV differential drive wheel set on the market, the biggest advantage of this product of Dongguan fubao is that it can move in all directions. In addition, it is integrated with a high-precision miniature cycloidal reducer with the advantages of compactness, high rigidity and impact resistance, so that the structure is more compact and simple, the overall axial size is greatly reduced, the reliability is higher, the maintenance cost is lower, and the accuracy is higher. Moreover, the transmission ratio is extremely wide and flexible, which is very helpful for the control and positioning of AGV car and can accurately walk to the established position.

Advantages of dongguan FUBAO AGV differential drive wheel set:

1. Reliable and durable

With "high-precision micro cycloidal reducer" as the core, the hub adopts imported brand aluminum alloy and low-pressure casting technology, and the hub is a whole, and after X-ray inspection, it has good heat dissipation, high strength, good rigidity, reliability and durability, which maximizes the mechanical properties of the material.

2, quality assurance

Industrial quality, modules are all designed and manufactured according to standardization and batch, with good consistency; Imported polyurethane material is used for rubber coating, which is wear-resistant, shock-absorbing and sound-deadening.

3. Good stationarity

The bearing in the roller intelligently matches the corresponding rolling bearing or advanced self-lubricating bearing according to different loads, which has good performance in stationarity, reliability and mute effect.

4. High operating precision

Based on the innovative design of high-precision miniature cycloidal reducer, it has the characteristics of low noise (noise ≤60db) and high precision (transmission loss ≤ 1 arcmin).

5. Convenient installation

The installation method is simple and convenient, and the maintenance cost is low. The small roller is designed with a structure that is convenient for quick disassembly, and the disassembly can be completed quickly without disassembling the whole wheel.
fubao reducer used in AGV

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