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Application skills of planetary reducer

With the wide application of planetary reducers in automation industry, planetary reducers with high precision, small size and good performance are a dark horse with amazing prospects in the market in recent years. Our knowledge of common sense of reducers needs to be strengthened. Only after understanding the knowledge of reducers can we operate the reducers better. We can master the key skills in normal use according to our knowledge of common sense of reducers.

First of all, after the planetary reducer runs for 300 hours, the oil should be replaced for the first time, and the quality of the oil will be checked irregularly in the future. When there are too many impurities in the oil and the quality declines, under normal circumstances, the planetary reducer that works continuously for a long time must be replaced with new oil once a month. Every 3,000 working hours, at least half a year, the oil and oil level should be tested, and there are routine tests that cause dripping and leakage due to poor sealing. If the reducer input by ICE is used, check its elasticity and replace it if necessary. If the planetary gear reducer has not been used for a long time, it should also be replaced before it is put into operation again.

The oil of the planetary reducer should be the same as the previous practical oil model, and it should not be used indiscriminately. When changing the oil, wait for the planetary reducer to cool down and there is no burning danger, but it should be kept warm, because after it is completely cooled, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain it. Secondly, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the reducer. Don't just use it, don't maintain it. This is a big taboo for the use of the reducer. No matter how good the equipment is, the life of the high-precision reducer will be reduced by at least one third, so the daily maintenance is particularly important. The daily maintenance of the reducer includes: the use and replacement of lubricating oil, checking whether the installation foundation, sealing and transmission shaft are normal, and the maintenance of important parts such as shell descaling. The gear box cleaning and maintenance machine can realize the functions of cleaning the gear box, quickly filtering the waste oil, adding new oil and so on by using the original oil supply and drainage system of the gear box and the filtered old oil. During the operation, the hardware facilities are not changed, and no cleaning agent is added, thus ensuring the safe operation of the gear box and prolonging the service life of the planetary reducer.

In the use of precision planetary reducer, the biggest problem for the running reducer is maintenance, and the installation of the tight bolt is a key to be reckoned with. For the installation of the tight bolt, it is not only necessary to tighten it, but also to fix and check it with a torque wrench according to the marked fixed torque data, so as to ensure the operation of the reducer to the greatest extent.

Gear planetary reducer is a complex instrument, which is also widely used in similar equipment. This requires that the planetary reducer and its supporting equipment should have a good working environment, including keeping the interior and exterior of the planetary reducer clean and reducing the distribution of impurities, and cleaning the planetary reducer regularly, so as to effectively avoid the wear and tear of the planetary reducer.
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