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Compare RV reducer and harmonic reducer

In our daily life and work, all kinds of mechanical equipment can be seen everywhere. People only know that it is a high-tech product, but they don't know that almost all mechanical equipment can operate normally without a component called a reducer. What is a reducer? Simply put, the reducer is an intermediate mechanism connecting the power source and the actuator, which has the function of matching the speed and transmitting the torque.

Comparison between RV reducer and harmonic reducer

First. Technical characteristics

RV reducer: transmission is realized by multi-stage reduction, which is generally composed of the front stage of planetary gear reducer and the rear stage of cycloidal pin-wheel reducer, and consists of many parts;

Harmonic reducer: it transmits motion through the elastic deformation of flexspline, and is mainly composed of three core components: flexspline, rigid pulley and wave generator. Compared with RV and other precision reducers, the materials, volume and weight used in harmonic reducer are greatly reduced.

Second, the product performance

RV reducer: large volume, high load capacity and high rigidity; Harmonic deceleration: small size, high transmission ratio and high precision;

Third, the application scenario

RV reducers are generally used in multi-joint robots with heavy loads such as frame, arm and shoulder. Harmonic reducer is mainly used in robot forearm, wrist or hand.

Application of RV reducer

Fourth, the terminal field

Heavy-duty robots equipped with RV reducers are usually used in automobile, transportation, port and dock industries. 3C. Robots with a load of less than 30kg composed of harmonic reducers are usually used in industries such as semiconductor, food, injection molding, mold and medical treatment.
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