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Comparing RV reducer with harmonic reducer, which is better?


There are two types of reducers widely used in articulated robots: RV reducers and harmonic reducers. So, for these two kinds of reducers, which one is more advantageous?
What are the principles, advantages and disadvantages of the two? Can they replace each other? Let's get to know each other.

Harmonic reducer is used for industrial robots with small load, or several shafts at the end of large robots. Harmonic reducer used for small robots is characterized by small size,
light weight, large bearing capacity, high motion accuracy and large single-stage transmission ratio.

Harmonic reducer is one of the harmonic transmission devices, which includes accelerator and reducer. The main structure of harmonic reducer is rigid wheel, flexible wheel, bearing and wave generator,
all of which are indispensable. Among them, the number of teeth of the rigid wheel is slightly larger than that of the flexible wheel.

RV reducers are often used in robot joints with large torque, especially in leg, waist and elbow joints, industrial robots with heavy load, and RV reducers are used in the first, second and third axes. Compared with harmonic reducer, RV reducer has higher fatigue strength, stiffness and service life. The disadvantages of harmonic reducer include that with the increase of service time, the motion accuracy will decrease. Contrary to the advantages of light weight and small size of harmonic reducer, RV reducer has the disadvantages of heavy weight and large overall size.

Both of them are engaged with less tooth difference, but the difference is that one of the key gears in harmonic is flexible and needs repeated high-speed deformation, so it is fragile. Therefore, compared with RV reducer, harmonic reducer has lower bearing capacity and shorter service life. RV reducers generally use cycloidal pinwheels, while harmonics used to use involute teeth. Now some manufacturers use double circular arc teeth, which is more advanced than involute teeth.

Compared with harmonic reducer, RV reducer is a new transmission product. RV reducer is actually developed on the basis of traditional needle-and-thread pin-wheel reducer, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of general needle-and-pendulum transmission, but also has more advantages, such as long service life, stable accuracy, high efficiency, smooth transmission and so on, small size, light weight and large speed change ratio range.
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