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Domestic Replacements of Reducers in China

Some domestic companies in China are making progress in the field of servo motors and drivers, and the quality of their products is catching up with international standards, securing a certain market share.

Julu Intelligent previously stated that their RV reducer has entered the industrialization phase. Fengguang Precision Harmonic Reducer is currently in the small-scale trial production and process improvement stage. Lude Harmonic indicated that the newly developed electromechanical integrated products have now entered the trial production stage and are awaiting mass production.

According to industry insiders, the localization rates of harmonic reducers and RV reducers are both in an accelerating phase, with various companies entering the market and expanding production to compete for market share.

The mainstream reducers on the market include RV reducers and harmonic reducers. The former is mainly used for robot joints weighing over 20kg, while the latter is used for robot joints weighing under 20kg. "For example, light-load robots use harmonic reducers."

Industry insiders have mentioned that the technical barriers for harmonic reducers are high, and domestic replacements are accelerating. The domestic localization rate of harmonic reducers for industrial robots is approximately 30%, and it is expected to increase to 40% by 2025.

Zhongdali De stated that the performance gap between their domestically produced reducers and foreign products is not significant, and there is a trend of accelerating domestic replacements. Currently, there is strong downstream demand, and many new application scenarios have emerged, prompting the company to expand production in recent years and plan for further expansion in the future.

Drawing from the rise of industrial robots in Japan, autonomous control of core components is a prerequisite for the rise of Chinese industrial robots.

At present, harmonic reducers have achieved technological breakthroughs and can replace imports. However, due to performance issues such as transmission accuracy, torsional rigidity, and stability, RV reducers still rely on imports.

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