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How can RV Reducer used in The Wandering Earth 2

Recently, the National Film Administration released data showing that the box office of the 2023 Spring Festival reached 6.758 billion yuan, achieving the second-highest box office in the history of the Spring Festival season and sweeping away the previous decline. Among them, "The Wandering Earth 2" stood out from the crowd and took second place in the Spring Festival season with a total box office of 2.5 billion yuan (as of January 29th). A sci-fi film, its topic about whether the equipment in #The Wandering Earth is real# has become a hot search.

If "The Wandering Earth 1" opened the door for Chinese sci-fi films, then "The Wandering Earth 2" indicates the direction of China's film industrialization. At the same time, behind the film industry, there are numerous high-tech equipment and facilities, all of which are designed and modified with domestic cutting-edge equipment! 

National infrastructure construction relies on various types of construction machinery. Early construction machinery had limited functions and applications. However, the new type of domestically developed construction machinery in our country has surpassed the limitations of traditional construction machinery. It not only has more functions but can also operate in various environments. In the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", the tracked excavator used for the construction of the space elevator base can also operate in high-altitude areas, swamps, forests, and other environments in reality. Only five countries in the world can build this equipment!

In addition, in the film "The Wandering Earth 2," there are many high-tech "figures" such as exoskeleton robots, doorframe robots, the clumsy machine dog, the marauder drone, and the quantum computer MOSS, which have ignited the popularity of robotics, VR, AI, quantum computers, and other advanced technologies.

Take exoskeleton robots as an example. As a product that enhances human mobility, exoskeleton robots can play a significant role in any field, and the future market space is unimaginable. When it comes to exoskeleton robots, we have to mention one of its core components, the RV reducer. In the background of the film "The Wandering Earth 2," let's delve into the detailed introduction of RV reducers and how domestic reducers are achieving domestic substitution.

For robots, RV reducers are undoubtedly their "right-hand man." Without them, the "arms" of robots would not be able to operate flexibly or execute commands accurately. Therefore, they can be considered the "heart" of robots! RV reducers can provide timely assistance to exoskeleton robots when needed without hindering human movement. Many industrial robots in "The Wandering Earth 2" have highly precise and complex movements, which rely on the role of RV reducers, one of their core components.

RV reducers consist of a planetary gear reducer as the front stage and a cycloidal pinwheel reducer as the back stage. They are compact in structure, have a large transmission ratio, and are a commonly used type of reducer with self-locking function under certain conditions. Developed based on traditional cycloidal pinwheel transmission, RV reducers not only overcome the shortcomings of general cycloidal transmission but also have a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, large transmission ratio, long lifespan, high precision, high strength, high rigidity, good stability, high efficiency, and smooth transmission. They are widely used in exoskeleton robots, collaborative robots, and industrial robots.

So, can domestic reducers shoulder heavy responsibilities and achieve domestic substitution? The answer is yes. The high-tech equipment in the film "The Wandering Earth 2" is all made in China, so what can a small reducer count for? Let's take a look at how domestic reducers are achieving domestic substitution in reality.

Currently, there is a trend towards domestication of reducers for industrial robots in China. On one hand, the market for domestic robots in our country has opened up, providing more opportunities for domestic reducer manufacturers under the demand for cost reduction. Under the wave of domestic automation and the dual pressures of expensive imported reducers and long delivery cycles, more and more users are choosing to adopt lower-priced domestic reducers (low price ≠ low quality). On the other hand, overcoming the difficulties in key components is one of the key policies of our country's industrial robot industry. Driven by policies and technological research and development, our country's precision reducers have made rapid progress and achieved overtaking on a bend.

As a professional manufacturer of RV reducers, Dongguan FUBAO has been devoted to the research and development of precision reducers for over 20 years. The company has applied for 18 invention patents, including 6 international PCT invention patents. It has broken the foreign technological blockade in the field of RV reducers in China and played a significant role in breaking the heavy reliance on imported precision reducers, contributing to the healthy development of China's automation industry.
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