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How can we choose planetary reducers?

Planetary gear reducers are widely used in the field of precision motion control due to their high torque, high torsional rigidity, and low backlashes. They have a very wide range of applications, covering almost the entire automation industry.

In the automation industry, planetary gear reducers are the second most commonly used general mechanical equipment, so it's very important to choose the right one. Choosing the right gear reducer can provide a larger torque, allowing for optimal speed and better performance, reducing the inertia of the load, and increasing equipment stability. In addition to meeting the requirements, economic considerations should also be taken into account.

In other words, the technical indicators of the planetary gear reducer should not only meet the requirements of the equipment, but also save costs. Both "excess" and "insufficiency" will result in cost waste. So how can we choose a "economical and practical" planetary gear reducer? The following points for selecting planetary gear reducers will be listed by the gear reducer manufacturer - Dongguan Fubao.

How can we choose planetary reducers?

1. Select frame size based on torque

The power source will have a torque amplification effect after the reduction ratio. The output torque of the reducer is directly proportional to the reduction ratio. The higher the ratio, the higher the torque. However, the gear set of the reducer has its limits. Therefore, the rated output torque of the planetary gear reducer indicates the stable operation of the product under this data. Therefore, the frame size should be selected according to the required torque.

2. Select model based on accuracy

Precision positioning is required in the automation process. The higher the precision requirement for positioning, the higher-grade product needs to be selected, and vice versa. The precision of the planetary gear reducer is called "backlash," which refers to the clearance of the gear set. It is defined as the angle value of the rotation of the output shaft of the planetary gear reducer when the input end is fixed. The smaller the backlash, the higher the precision, but also the higher the cost. Users can choose the appropriate precision according to their actual situation.

3. Select based on installation dimensions

That is, the size of the front end of the servo motor. The input end of the planetary gear reducer must completely match the output end size of the servo motor.

4. Select based on appearance

According to customer requirements, there are standard series available for users to choose from for the output shaft and connection surface, or they can be customized according to the specific needs of the user.

5. Select based on axial radial force

The life of the planetary gear reducer is affected by the internal bearings. Bearing life can be calculated through load and speed. When the axial radial force load of the reducer is high, the bearing life will be shortened. In this case, it is recommended to use a larger grade product.
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