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How to Choose Reducer Brand in the Field of Transmission?

Since the advent of gear reducers, they have become indispensable core components in various industries' mechanical equipment. With the widespread application of gear reducers, the demand for precision has become increasingly high, especially in high-precision industries where the accuracy of gear reducers directly affects product quality. High-precision gear reducers are currently widely used in precision transmission fields such as collaborative robots, semiconductor, LCD manufacturing equipment, exoskeleton rehabilitation medical devices, food and packaging machinery, machine tools, aerospace industry, with extensive applications in the field of robotics.

In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment fields such as industrial robots and high-end CNC machine tools, high-precision gear reducers, as the core joints of industrial robot motion, have experienced rapid growth. Currently, high-precision gear reducers are mainly divided into RV reducers and harmonic reducers. RV reducers are derived from planetary gear reducers and consist of a front-stage planetary gear reducer and a rear-stage cycloidal pinwheel reducer. They have the characteristics of a wide range of transmission ratios, high transmission accuracy, small backlash, high rigidity, strong shock resistance, small size, compact structure, and high transmission efficiency.

Due to the numerous brands of precision gear reducers on the market, with varying quality, users may encounter "choice paralysis" when making a selection. When purchasing gear reducers, it is advisable to choose manufacturers with strength to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

The core indicators for achieving harmonic dimensions in the cycloidal structure: high rigidity, small size, high precision, large load capacity, and long service life! The application fields of the products cover industries such as robotics, CNC machine tools, medical, mechanical automation, radar, surveillance systems, safety and defense equipment, etc.

The newly developed transmission technology requires disruptive innovation in terms of structure. The newly developed products can not only reduce manufacturing and assembly difficulties but also achieve transmission designs with ultra-high speed ratios. Therefore, they can replace both RV reducers and harmonic reducers. The new technological route has significantly expanded the application scope of the products, from small-sized inspection robots, parallel robots, collaborative robots, medical robots to large-scale industrial robots, all of which can use precision gear reducers.

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