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How to Choose a High-Precision Planetary Gearbox?

In the field of automation equipment, high-precision micro planetary gearboxes have brought great convenience to production as an essential component of industrial automation equipment. So, do you know what factors to consider when selecting a high-precision planetary gearbox? Today, let the gearbox manufacturer - Dongguan FUBAO, provide some insights.

How to choose a high-precision planetary reducer?

  1.  The input dimensions of the high-precision micro planetary gearbox can be customized according to the motor dimensions provided by the user. If you find that there is no suitable size during the selection process, you can communicate with the gearbox manufacturer for customization.

  2.  It is crucial to understand the maximum permissible input shaft diameter of the high-precision planetary gearbox. Most gearboxes are connected to the motor through a flexible coupling. Insufficient knowledge about the permissible shaft diameter can severely affect the maximum value of the input shaft hole.

  3.  During the selection process, it is also important to consider the size of the permissible flange input based on the actual usage requirements.

  4.  Determine the maximum input speed of the high-precision planetary gearbox. Different engineering projects have varying speed requirements. Customization or adjustment by professional technicians should be done based on the actual project needs. Proper planning during the initial purchase can save a lot of trouble in the future.

  5.  The rated torque of the gearbox must be smaller than or equal to the output torque.

  6.  Understand the required gear ratio, wattage of the servo motor, and the level of precision needed for your machinery. Generally, higher precision comes at a higher price. Users can select according to their specific needs.

By adopting a differential gear mechanism and thin cross roller bearings, high-precision micro planetary gearboxes achieve an ultra-flat shape, contributing to the compact size of the equipment. The combination of small size and excellent parameters achieves the optimal balance between performance, price, and size.

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