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How to choose a high-quality precision planetary gearbox?

Precision planetary gearboxes are commonly used in the field of precision motion control to meet the application requirements of high torque, high torsional rigidity, and low backlash. As the "heart" of mechanical equipment, the quality of planetary gearboxes has a crucial impact on production efficiency and processing quality.

The new type of precision planetary gearbox adopts an integrated planetary carrier and output shaft, which provides optimal torsional rigidity. Through precision processing, the gear set is less prone to eccentricity, reducing interference, wear, and noise. At the same time, a larger span is used to configure bearings, dispersing the load on the bearings, further enhancing the torque rigidity and radial load capacity of the gearbox.

The planetary gear set is specially made of alloy steel. After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the material hardness reaches HRC30 degrees. Then, it undergoes nitriding surface treatment to achieve a hardness of HV860. This gives the product high surface hardness and core toughness, optimizing product strength and lifespan.

The input shaft and motor output shaft are connected by a bolted structure, combined with a round shaft seal design. Through dynamic balance analysis, it ensures that there is no eccentric load at high speeds, reducing unnecessary radial forces and effectively reducing the load on the motor end.

The material of the input cover/motor connection seat is made of aluminum alloy, which provides excellent heat dissipation. Through professional lathe processing, it provides good concentricity and perpendicularity, allowing the product to stably combine with various motors and reducing unnecessary axial forces caused by insufficient accuracy, thereby extending the product's lifespan.

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