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Looking at the reliability of reducer from several aspects



There are two kinds here, one is the angular transmission accuracy, which will be marked in the reducer manual, which affects the absolute positioning accuracy of the robot; The other is the repetitive positioning accuracy, which is not in the manual of the reducer, which affects the repetitive positioning accuracy of the robot. Generally, gear reducer manufacturers have professional equipment for angular transmission accuracy, but customers can also design some simple methods to measure it. The accuracy of repeated positioning is the same.

For the new reducer, many manufacturers are OK to achieve the nominal 1 arc minute or less, but the biggest problem is consistency and stability. Perhaps most manufacturers have reached the standard in accuracy at first, but after a few months, the accuracy will either jump up and down, or it will get worse and worse directly.

The same is true of repeated positioning accuracy. It is no problem to achieve higher repeated positioning accuracy in a short time, but it is difficult to maintain it after a long time.

Generate heat:

This is a relatively intuitive point, but less people pay attention to it. In fact, fever is also related to the accuracy mentioned above. The accuracy of the reducer depends on the meshing degree of the gears. If the meshing clearance is too large, the accuracy of the reducer will be poor. However, the accuracy will be improved by adopting the method of micro-interference, but it will lead to the problem of excessive heating. On RV, the difference of heating with Teijin structure is not so obvious, but it is also a harmonic reducer, and the heating degree of different brands is much worse. Among harmonics, HD is the only manufacturer that can achieve high accuracy and less heat. The title of big brother is by no means a hollow reputation.

Of course, besides gears, fever is also related to grease and assembly. The quality of grease and assembly ability will have obvious influence. There are many detailed processes here, which depends on the technical ability of each robot manufacturer.


Life span is also the point where domestic reducers are spit out the most. Everyone always complains about the short life of the reducer, but not many people can tell clearly what the short life is.

In fact, the life of the reducer mainly depends on the life of the bearing. Generally speaking, the bearing is the first to break down, especially the harmonic. In the case of RV, the planetary structure is also a vulnerable point.

The situation of early wear and tear will generally appear in a few months to a year, depending on the operation situation, so those reducer manufacturers who take advantage of the outbreak of robots to ship in large quantities should pay attention. If this probability was not controlled during the previous research and development, the more they ship now, the bigger they will be after half a year. Many people advocate that domestic reducers have ushered in spring, but I feel that many people are producing one time bomb after another. When it is detonated, it will collapse.

Transmission efficiency:

In fact, this is related to the accuracy, fever, grease and so on. Transmission efficiency is also one of the important evaluation indexes of reducer. To test the transmission efficiency also requires professional equipment, and it is difficult for customers to measure the specific data themselves. However, horizontal comparison is possible. Fever is the most intuitive way of comparison. Junior high school knowledge tells us that energy is conserved. If the heat is large, it means that more power of the motor is used to eliminate friction, and the output power is naturally less. When the output power is less, the load capacity is naturally weak, so there is no force, the acceleration is naturally small, and the beat is naturally slow.

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