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Market development prospect of China reducer industry in 2024

Development prospect of reducer industry

1. Import substitution is accelerated and the degree of localization is improved.

In recent years, the domestic harmonic reducer industry has also been developing continuously with the support of national policies. Driven by policies and major downstream industries, the harmonic reducer industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. The number of domestic manufacturers engaged in R&D and production of harmonic reducers has increased, the technical level has improved, and the product range has gradually enriched, and it has successfully broken through the monopoly of international brands in the domestic market. Domestic independent brands have occupied a certain market share in the domestic market by reaching cooperation with domestic robot manufacturers. At present, domestic companies and harmonic reducer manufacturers such as Zhongji Kemei have achieved mass production.

2. The advantages of electromechanical integration and modular products are obvious.

Mechatronics refers to a comprehensive technology that organically combines machinery, electronics, computers, automatic control and other technologies. The development of modern science and technology makes the integration of machinery and electronics more and more close, and the trend of integration of light, machinery, electricity and liquid is more and more obvious. Under the background that mechatronics and modularization have become an important trend of industry development, leading enterprises at home and abroad have developed integrated modules one after another. With the development of industrial production towards high precision, man-machine cooperation and flexible movement, mechatronics, as an industrial technology that can fit the above development trend, has also been more and more widely developed in the technical route of precision transmission device field.

3. The downstream market continues to rise, and the application fields continue to expand.

As the core component of high-end equipment such as industrial robots and automation equipment, precision reducer is closely related to the investment scale of fixed assets in manufacturing industry and the growth of national economy. With the sustained growth of China's national economy, the gross domestic product and investment in fixed assets have increased year by year, and many downstream fields have shown a rapid growth trend, driving the market scale of precision reducer industry to expand.
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