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Micro Cycloid Reducers used in Jewelry Engraving Machines

The design of the micro cycloid reducer is based on a new reduction principle and a newly developed radial-axial output bearing. It features a whole new transmission method, overcoming the drawbacks of traditional needle swing transmission. Not only does it have the advantages of small size, light weight, high torque capacity, long lifespan, stable precision, high efficiency, and smooth operation, but it is also widely used in precision jewelry engraving machines.

Precision jewelry engraving machines typically require repetitive actions to complete the same process. To ensure that the jewelry engraving machine can complete tasks as required during production and guarantee the quality of the craftsmanship, high positioning accuracy and repeatability are crucial. Dongguan Fubao's micro cycloid reducer can achieve a backlash of 1 arc minute, providing a perfect solution for jewelry engraving.

The power source for mechanical equipment is generally an AC servo motor, which can achieve speed control through pulse signal driving. So, why does a jewelry engraving machine need a reducer? This is because the cycloid reducer also serves to transmit greater torque in the jewelry engraving machine.

When the load is heavy, simply increasing the power of the servo motor is not cost-effective. Using a reducer within an appropriate speed range can increase the output torque. In addition, servo motors are prone to heating and low-frequency vibration during low-frequency operation. For jewelry engraving machines that work for long periods and in cycles, this is not conducive to ensuring precise and reliable operation.

The presence of precision reducers allows the servo motor to operate at an appropriate speed, accurately transmitting the speed required by the jewelry engraving machine, while enhancing the mechanical rigidity and outputting greater torque. Compared to traditional reducers (such as harmonic reducers), the cycloid reducer has much higher fatigue strength, stiffness, and lifespan. Furthermore, its backlash precision remains stable, unlike harmonic drives, which significantly reduce motion precision with prolonged use. Therefore, many jewelry engraving machine manufacturers are gradually adopting cycloid reducers, indicating a trend of gradually replacing harmonic reducers.
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