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Micro RV Reducer used in Pan tilt surveillance camera

Pan tilt surveillance camera is an emergency system, which is usually used for emergency rescue. The environment it faces is very harsh, and its key feature is to be able to locate it extremely accurately in the harsh environment. The reducer is an important part of the Yuntai surveillance camera, and the quality of the reducer determines the quality of the Yuntai surveillance camera.

Therefore, choosing a good reducer is the key! Cycloidal reducer, even in harsh environment, can make the camera of Yuntai realize accurate capture! How did it do it? Let's take a look together.

First of all, let's briefly introduce the cycloidal reducer. This cycloidal reducer is a new miniature precision cycloidal and circular gear reducer developed and manufactured by Dongguan fubao and German and Taiwan Province technicians for many years.

It has five specifications and models (WF07/WF17/WF25/WF32/WF40), the smallest external diameter is only 40mm, and it is ultra-thin, the height is only the size of a 1 yuan coin, and the weight is about 0.42kg. Therefore, it is also a high-precision reducer with harmonic size and precision, but its rigidity and life are three times that of harmonic reducer. At present, it should be the smallest precision cycloidal reducer in the world.

Presumably, everyone has a general understanding of it. Next, let's introduce its characteristics.

This cycloidal reducer is not afraid of environmental challenges, has excellent high load and overload capacity and impact resistance, and can still maintain excellent performance in different environments, ensuring that the monitoring camera of Yuntai can still maintain the characteristics of accurate positioning and capture under the harsh conditions of various temperature ranges, even if the ground changes by 1 mm, it can also capture accurately immediately.

By adopting differential reduction mechanism and ultra-thin cross roller bearing, the ultra-flat shape is realized. The complex meshing of the precision cycloid gear and the high-precision rolling pin realizes the transmission accuracy within 1 arc minute, while maintaining the small size, large speed ratio and the same reduction ratio. Its body length is only one third of that of the planetary reducer, which is especially suitable for the small and flexible application requirements of the Pan tilt surveillance camera.

At present, the domestic rv reducer brand is committed to designing and producing high-precision machine RV reducers. RV reducer transmission is a new transmission mode based on cycloidal pin wheel, and the pin wheel of RV reducer is a high-precision component manufactured by precision technology. The key to machining the pin wheel is high precision, which determines the traction ability of the reducer. The pin wheel has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long life.

In addition, the domestic rv reducer brand can provide reducers with various specifications, effectively meet the diverse needs and application scenarios of customers, and play a great role in breaking the situation that domestic industrial robots rely heavily on imported precision reducers and contributing to the healthy development of China robot industry.
Micro rv reducer

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