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RV Reducer Which is Suitable for Printing Machine

The fully automatic screen printing machine is mainly used for screen printing on various roll materials such as PET, PVC, PC, and B0PP films, making it a widely applicable printing equipment. In order to make the screen printing process more precise, faster, and more automated, advanced technology and techniques are utilized, along with the use of a reduction gearbox for driving. It is well known that there are numerous types of reduction gearboxes available, so how should one choose the suitable one for a fully automatic screen printing machine?

The fully automatic screen printing machine is a versatile printing equipment widely used in various industries such as LCD glass, lens glass, packaging boxes, light-emitting films, glass sheets, mobile phone lenses, displays, panels, nameplates, acrylic films, touch screens, light guide plates, TVs, circuit industries, plastic bags, optoelectronic industries, single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer PCB boards, liquid green oil, flash films, flexible PCBs, flexible circuits, membrane switches, IMD, IML, adhesive labels, thermal transfer films, trademarks, labels, nameplates, non-woven bags, and more. Based on its characteristics, Fubao Mechatronics Technology has chosen the WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox: WAB120L1-5-24-110 with a 1.5KW servo motor. With low noise, strong stability, and low backlash, it is well-suited for the application of this equipment.

The WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox is designed with helical gears and made of high-quality alloy steel. It undergoes carbon-nitrogen co-diffusion treatment to achieve optimal wear resistance and impact resistance. With high gear precision and low noise, this gearbox is well-suited for various applications. Specifically, it is commonly used in conjunction with fully automatic screen printing machines. Its compact design makes it convenient and space-saving.

As a manufacturer of gearboxes, Fubao takes into account the specific requirements of the fully automatic screen printing machine to provide the best gearbox solution for your equipment.


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