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The Application of Precision Gearboxes

In the mechanical equipment industry, the performance requirements for cycloidal gearboxes are particularly important in applications that require both high torque and high precision.

For example, the base (1-axis) of a multi-joint industrial robot used for suspended heavy object handling. Due to the cantilever structure of the equipment, it needs to withstand heavy loads. The weight of the robotic arm can cause cumulative displacement errors and gaps in various connecting parts, resulting in an increase in position deviations and affecting the accuracy of the robotic arm's end unit.

Therefore, the performance of the cycloidal gearbox needs to balance "high torque that can smoothly rotate even under heavy loads" and "high precision with small gaps between connecting components" in order to meet the requirements of the base (1-axis) of the suspended heavy object handling multi-joint industrial robot. Additionally, there is a higher demand for the structural rigidity of the gearbox to support the load of the robotic arm.

The role of precision cycloidal gearboxes should not be underestimated. They have transmission losses below 1 arc minute and can withstand 5 times the rated torque. The permissible torque during startup and stoppage can also reach 2.5 times the rated torque, achieving a balance between high torque and high precision.

The series of cycloidal gearboxes adopt a single-stage structure with a large speed ratio, enabling a reduction ratio of over 1:100. This large reduction ratio allows for the use of smaller servo motors to drive, saving energy.

The precision cycloidal gearboxes from Dongguan FUBAO are available in flange output, hollow shaft, and angular types, meeting the needs of different customers. With excellent performance, these gearboxes can provide high-precision control for heavy load devices such as robotic arm load handling, heavy-duty positioners, and opening/closing lid drives.
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