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The Crucial Role of RV Reducers in Industrial Robotics

In recent years, due to the increasing cost of labor, manufacturing companies are increasingly favoring the use of mechanized and more efficient robots, which have lower costs.

There are many types of industrial robots, such as articulated robots, collaborative robots, and exoskeleton rehabilitation robots. Among them, articulated robots are widely used.

When it comes to industrial robots, one cannot ignore the important component that makes up the robot - the RV reducer. What role does it play for robots?

Industrial robots are mainly controlled by three components: servo motors, reducers, and controllers. The RV reducer is installed in heavy-load positions such as the robot's upper arm and shoulder, and it is used to precisely control the movement of the robot's joints, ensuring flexibility. The RV reducer can reduce backlash by minimizing the rotational gap between gears, thereby improving the precision of the robot and reducing errors during motion, thus enhancing the overall accuracy and flexibility of the industrial robot system.

The RV reducer also provides greater torque for industrial robots. When the joints of industrial robots bear a heavy load, simply increasing the power of the servo motor is not cost-effective. By using a reducer, the output can be increased within an appropriate speed range. Additionally, servo motors tend to generate heat and low-frequency vibrations when operating at low frequencies, which is not conducive to ensuring the accurate and reliable operation of industrial robots during long periods of cyclic work.

The above is about the role of the RV reducer in industrial robots. If you want to learn more about reducer information, please follow our updates.

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