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RV Reducer: Harsh Environment Compatibility

In the casting process of automotive aluminum alloy, the primary function of the seventh axis robot is to assist the casting robot in the casting operation. Its purpose is to expand the operational range of the casting robot, eliminating the limitations imposed by the arm.

For ensuring quality, the seventh axis of the robot typically employs a high-rigidity and high-precision RV gearbox as the gear transmission method.


As a "rhythm maestro" in the field of industrial control, the RV gearbox serves the purpose of segmentally adjusting the casting speed, ensuring a smoother casting process. This enables the seventh axis of the robot to avoid issues such as overflow or interruption, thereby contributing to improved product formation.

The RV gearbox functions as the "joint" of a multifunctional mechanical arm, combining high precision, large reduction ratio, and high torque. It enables the casting robot to strictly adhere to the casting procedure, optimizing the timing to maintain excellent casting quality.

Consequently, this enhances the density of the finished metal components, reduces the occurrence of air pockets and shrinkage, and minimizes the risks associated with harsh casting environments.


Furthermore, this RV gearbox incorporates a novel sealing device, offering excellent protection and strong adaptability to various working environments, including corrosive, high-temperature, low-temperature, and humid conditions. It is particularly suitable for the demanding working conditions of casting robots.

In summary, the aforementioned description outlines the role of the RV gearbox in casting robots. It can be understood that the RV gearbox is an indispensable core component in the casting robot industry, characterized by high reliability, precision, long lifespan, strong environmental adaptability, and high torsional stiffness.

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