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The transmission structures of planetary reducer

The main transmission structures of planetary gear reducer are planetary gear, sun gear and outer gear ring.

For structural reasons, the single-stage minimum deceleration of planetary reducer is 3, the maximum deceleration is usually less than 10, and the total deceleration is 3.4 Usually, a series of gearboxes do not exceed 3 stages, but some large gearboxes have 4-stage gearboxes as separate gearboxes.

Compared with other gear boxes, planetary gears are characterized by high rigidity, high precision (the first stage can reach a point lower than the first stage), high transmission efficiency (the first stage can reach 97.98%), high torque-volume ratio and no lifelong maintenance.

Because of these characteristics, most planetary gearboxes are installed on stepping motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque and adjust inertia.

The maximum rated input speed of the reducer can reach 18000rpm (the larger the reducer, the lower the rated input speed compared with the size of the reducer itself). The output torque of industrial planetary gear box is generally less than 2000Nm, and the special super-torsion planetary gear box can reach more than 1000Nm. The operating temperature is usually between-25 C and 100 C. The working temperature can be changed by changing the grease.

There are several concepts of planetary reducer:

Series: the number of planetary gears. Sometimes two or three gear sets are needed to meet the requirements of higher transmission ratio, because gear sets cannot meet the requirements of higher transmission ratio. If the number of stars increases, the length of the second or third stage reducer increases and the efficiency decreases.

Return clearance: when the output is fixed, the input rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, the torque generated by the input is +-2% of the nominal torque, and the input of the reducer has a small angle deviation. This means resetting the game. The unit is "minutes", which means 16 degrees. It is also called the rear release device.

Planetary gearbox is a widely used industrial product, its performance is equivalent to other military gear boxes, but its price is industrial products, widely used in industrial environment.
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