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Why can't the planetary gearbox operate?

The advantages and functions of planetary gear reducers are well-known, so I won't go into too much detail. Today, I want to share with you the problems that may arise during the use of planetary gear reducers, so that you can quickly solve these problems when they occur.

In fact, even if the quality of the planetary gear reducer is fine, there may still be some issues during its use, and the most common one is the inability to start it up properly. When this happens, don't worry - just keep these three points in mind!

01:Check the power supply

 When the planetary gear reducer fails to start properly, the first thing to check is whether the power supply of the AC relay and thermal protector is normal. If there are any abnormalities with these two, then check the power supply and restore normal power supply to get the reducer running smoothly.

02: Check the AC relay

When the planetary gear reducer fails to start properly, check whether the winding coil of the AC relay is damaged or if there are signs of rust on the internal magnet. If this is the case, during the maintenance process, the magnet should be derusted, and the damaged coil should be replaced in a timely manner.

03: Check whether the winding of the AC relay is open or not

If neither of the above two situations has occurred and the planetary gear reducer still cannot operate properly, then you need to check whether the winding of the AC relay is open circuit. If there is no open circuit, then check whether the wiring contacts of the thermal protection relay are conducting. If there is an open circuit or the contacts are not conducting, the AC relay should be repaired promptly to ensure good contact.

And there have other reasons mainly include the following:

1. Motor failure

The planetary gearbox is driven by the motor. If the motor itself has faults, such as burnt-out windings, damaged bearings, etc., it will cause the planetary gearbox to fail to operate normally.

2. Planetary gearbox failure

The structure of the planetary gearbox is relatively complex, consisting of multiple components. If one of the components is damaged or malfunctioning, it will affect the operation of the entire gearbox.

3. Poor lubrication

The planetary gearbox needs to be lubricated to operate normally. If the lubrication is poor, the friction between the components will increase, which will affect the operation of the planetary gearbox.

4. Improper installation

The installation position, installation method, tightening torque, etc. of the planetary gearbox will affect its operating effect. If the installation is improper, the planetary gearbox will fail to operate normally.

To avoid the failure of the planetary gearbox to operate, we need to pay attention to the following:

1. Regularly check the status of the motor and planetary gearbox, and promptly discover faults and repair or replace them.

2. Regularly lubricate to ensure that the friction between the components of the planetary gearbox is not too large.

3. Follow the instructions for installation to ensure proper installation.

In summary, there are many reasons why the planetary gearbox cannot operate, and we need to carefully check and maintain it to ensure its normal operation and improve work efficiency. These three points represent inevitable situations where the planetary gear reducer cannot operate properly, assuming there are no quality issues. These problems are not difficult to solve, so when you encounter issues with the planetary gear reducer, there's no need to panic - just follow these three points for an easy solution.

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