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Why is Cycloidal Reducer Important for Welding Robot Industry?

Recently, an expert in the welding robot industry stated, "Welding robots require high precision in the positioning motion of the welding gun and high torque output. Therefore, high-precision and rigid cycloidal gear reducers are needed in the development of welding robots." During the customer engagement process, the chief engineer of the welding robot factory stated, "Modern robotic welding equipment must be able to work quickly and accurately."

Fast and accurate performance is not limited to the welding robot itself but also includes the rapid and precise positioning motion of the welding gun and torch. Therefore, the gear reducers that provide power to the welding gun and torch must not only be compact in structure but also have a high load-bearing torque. For this reason, the manufacturer chose the WF series precision cycloidal gear reducer for their welding robots. After a period of use, the manager of the automation factory reported, "We have used this precision cycloidal gear reducer in the positioning motion system of our welding robots to achieve precise positioning within a range of 0.1mm without loosening or re-clamping the workpiece. This is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of the welding pool."

The compact structure, minimal clearance, and high impact resistance of this new type of gear reducer, specifically the WF series precision cycloidal gear reducer, convinced us to use it. The results have proven our decision to be correct. It is well known that all gear reducers have speed reduction losses, but the precision cycloidal gear reducer has minimal losses, reaching more than 9.5 times (compared to 6-7 times for ordinary gear reducers). This means it has very high transmission efficiency, a long service life, and minimal clearance (backlash ≤1 arcmin).

All power transmission components are based on rolling friction, ensuring the ultra-low starting torque of this precision cycloidal gear reducer. By adopting a new reduction principle and newly developed radial and axial output bearings to reduce vibration and inertia, it allows for a larger speed reduction ratio. The intermeshing cycloidal gear structure achieves up to 50% synchronous engagement, resulting in minimal backlash and high load-bearing capacity when transmitting power uniformly.

With this unique structural design, the new series of cycloidal gear reducers possess high motion repeatability and stable trajectory performance. The symmetrical structure and support of rolling bearings on each axis ensure the stable operation of the gear reducer throughout its entire service life, allowing it to withstand peak loads up to 5 times the rated torque.

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