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How to Select a Planetary Gearbox?

The size of the input end of the gearbox can be customized according to the dimensions of the motor provided by the customer.
 It is necessary to understand the maximum allowable shaft diameter for most gearboxes, as they are typically connected to the motor through a flexible coupling. Insufficient knowledge of the allowable shaft diameter can severely impact the maximum value of the input shaft hole.

The selection can be based on the actual usage requirements

When selecting a planetary gearbox, it is also important to consider the size of the allowable flange for input. The selection can be based on the actual usage requirements.

Determine the maximum input speed of the gearbox, as different engineering projects may have varying speed requirements. Customization or adjustment by professional technicians may be necessary based on the actual engineering needs. Proper planning during the initial purchase can save a lot of trouble in the future. The rated torque of the gearbox must be less than or equal to the output capacity.
Understand the desired reduction ratio and the wattage of the servo motor to be paired with the gearbox. Also, consider the required precision. For high precision requirements, helical gears are generally recommended (although they are more expensive), while for applications with no specific precision requirements, straight gears are recommended (which are about 20% cheaper than helical gears).
Helical gears: P2: ≤5 arc minutes, P1: ≤3 arc minutes, P0: ≤1 arc minute
Straight gears: generally around 6-15 arc minutes
Note: Due to the additional gear in the L2 level compared to the L1 level, the precision is slightly lower.

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