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Lubricating Grease Selection and Maintenance for RV Reducers

To fully utilize the performance of the RV gearbox, it is essential to follow the proper lubrication procedures during installation. Let's explore the usage of lubricating grease together.

1. Standard and recommended brand of lubricating grease:

Some users may not give enough attention to the selection of lubricating grease and fail to use the specified grease as required when installing the RV gearbox, resulting in suboptimal performance. Therefore, to maximize the performance of the RV gearbox, it is crucial to use the RE00 lubricating grease as specified by the gearbox manufacturer. This particular grease exhibits excellent compressive strength and durability, ensuring the long-term performance of the RV gearbox. (Note: It should not be mixed with other lubricating oils.)

2. Grease filling quantity:

The RV gearbox is a precision gearbox with limited internal space and operates in demanding conditions. Therefore, the lubricating grease should possess sufficient quantity, excellent resistance to compression, wear, and durability.

This ensures that the lubricating oil film at the frictional surfaces of the gearbox remains intact even under extreme high-speed and high-load rotations. By preventing severe metal-to-metal contact, the RV gearbox's exceptional performance can be maintained over prolonged usage.

The filling quantity of lubricating grease should meet the requirements of the gearbox's minimum immersion level in that direction (lower limit) and allow for a 10% reserved space (upper limit). Excessive filling may elevate internal pressure and potentially damage the oil seals.

3. Lubricating Grease Replacement Interval

After a certain period of usage, all RV gearboxes require the replacement of the aging lubricating grease to maintain its lubrication capabilities and protect the gearbox from wear and tear.

1​)For gearboxes operating at temperatures below 40°C, it is recommended to replace the lubricating grease every 20,000 hours after sealing the gearbox.

2) For gearboxes operating at temperatures between 40°C and 60°C, the replacement interval should be determined based on the actual condition of the lubricating grease's aging, with shorter intervals being preferable.

3) During the lubricating grease replacement process, it is important to maximize the removal of old grease due to its poor flowability.

4) It is recommended to inject new grease from the lower oil inlet using pressure (note: the maximum pressure should not exceed 0.03 MPa) and extrude the old grease from the upper oil inlet.

4. Issues that may arise after sealing the lubricating grease

After sealing the lubricating grease, there may be occasional abnormal noises and uneven torque during operation, which are inherent characteristics of the grease. However, after running-in for at least 30 minutes (until the gearbox surface temperature reaches approximately 50°C), these issues will disappear. It is advisable to perform the running-in operation after sealing the specified lubricating grease.

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