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The Advantages of Domestic Gearbox Brands

To meet the working condition requirements of high torque, strong impact resistance, and high precision reduction drive devices, Dongguan Weitengstan has overcome the bottlenecks of low load-bearing capacity, poor control precision, and large size in existing similar gearboxes. They have innovatively developed a precision cycloidal gearbox that is small in size, high in rigidity, high in torque, high in precision, and resistant to impact, meeting the demands of large inertia, high precision, and high stability. This gearbox is suitable for industrial robots, precision turntables, automated production lines, medical robots, navigation and security systems, and can also adapt to extreme working environments, thus finding applications in some special fields.

Based on its technical characteristics and the advantages of high torque, strong impact resistance, and high precision of the micro cycloidal structure, this precision cycloidal gearbox can be widely used in situations requiring large inertia, strong impact resistance, high reliability, and precise transmission. For example, it can be used in radar fast tracking and precise positioning drive systems. At the same time, it can cover heavy-duty robots, heavy-duty AGV transport, photovoltaic power generation, radar, monitoring and imaging systems, or the rotation drive of large precision turntables and other large-scale electromechanical transmission scenarios.

Previously, the precision gearbox field has been dominated by foreign brands. Compared with similar foreign products, the precision cycloidal gearbox developed by Dongguan Weitengstan in collaboration with German and Taiwanese technicians has higher precision, smaller dimensions (minimum outer diameter of 40mm), higher load-bearing torque, and greater transmission efficiency. It also offers convenient and flexible drive connection methods, achieving a wide range of reduction ratios from 21:1 to 121:1 to meet various customization needs.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Dongguan FUBAO is poised to replace foreign brands with its precision cycloidal gearbox, making contributions to the rapid realization of localization and mass production of domestic gearboxes in high-end equipment, and helping China's industrial machinery sector achieve domestic substitution of core components at an early date.

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