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What are Servo Actuator Components made of?

Some high-end professionals are familiar with the term "servo actuator components," which are widely used in high-end industries. However, for most ordinary people, they have no idea what servo actuator components are, what they are made of, and which specific high-end industries they are suitable for. But as the saying goes, you're never too old to learn. Let Hamnerco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. show you the unique charm of servo actuator components.

Servo actuator components are a combination of multiple components, consisting of the servo valve of the active control system and the actuator. Typically, servo actuator components are composed of a harmonic reducer with significantly reduced speed and a servo motor with special driving functions. The structure of servo actuator components is often flat and has a hollow shaft.

1) Harmonic reducers​ utilize wave generators to function

They effectively allow flexible gears to undergo controllable autonomous shape changes. Additionally, because they stick together and do not easily deform, they achieve the effect of transmitting motion elements, significantly reducing the speed of mechanical operation and greatly enhancing power transmission with gears rotating around the central axis.

A servo motor, on the other hand, is a special type of engine that operates in a servo system. It is responsible for the transmission of mechanical components, indirectly achieving variable speed. The time it takes for a servo motor to reach 63% of the rotational speed when operating and transmitting is very short, allowing for precise output signals.

2)Servo actuator components are suitable for high-end and high-tech industries

Such as semiconductor and photovoltaic production equipment, medical devices, mechanical engineering, and machine tools.

Hamnerco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-based professional service company dedicated to the technical research and development support, production, sales, and after-sales service of servo actuator components. It is also a wholly-owned sales subsidiary established by HDSI, a Japanese company, in China.

We supply two types of servo actuator components: rotary servo actuator components with built-in harmonic reducers and linear servo actuator components. We also provide drivers, harmonic transmissions, precision planetary transmissions, and other electromechanical integrated products.

Our products have been highly praised by a wide range of new and old customers.We welcome more customers to inquire about and install our products.


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