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3 Steps to Reduce the Noise in RV Reducers

When a gear reducer encounters issues, it is important to promptly inspect and resolve the problems by having a certain understanding of potential issues that may arise in gear reducers. Today, we will primarily focus on how to handle the noise of a gear reducer.

1) Damage to transmission components

During the installation process, improper handling of transmission components can lead to inaccurate or unstable motion. Damaged components can result in the disruption of the oil film on high-speed moving parts and the occurrence of vibration and noise due to artificial imbalances in the moving parts. It is crucial to pay attention to and avoid this cause during installation. Any irreparable damaged parts must be replaced to ensure a stable noise level.

2) Vibration damping and blocking measures

During the installation of a gear reducer, efforts should be made to avoid resonance between the machine body and the foundation support and connecting components, which can generate noise. Gear reducers typically have one or more gears inside the motor. Resonance can occur within certain speed ranges.
​In addition to design considerations, the direct relationship between installation and resonance positions, as well as corresponding vibration damping or blocking measures, should be taken into account. For reducers that require low transmission noise and vibration, high-toughness and high-damping base materials should be used to minimize noise and vibration.

3) Loose motor components

Loose components, such as bearing preload mechanisms and shaft system positioning mechanisms, can cause improper system positioning, abnormal meshing, and movement of the shaft system, resulting in vibration and noise. This issue needs to be addressed from a design perspective by ensuring the stability of various mechanical connections and employing multiple connection methods.

4) Adjustment of geometric precision of components

Resonance and noise in gear reducer components can occur when the geometric precision of the installation does not meet the required standards. This should be directly related to improving the installation process, increasing the use of tools, and ensuring the overall competence of assembly personnel.

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