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A professional reducer manufaturer——FUBAO

RV reducer has always been the best choice in the application of industrial robot reducer. Mainly because it has the characteristics of large speed ratio, high efficiency, high precision and impact resistance. Compared with other reducers, the accuracy of RV reducer is greatly improved because of the structural characteristics that the tooth gap is less than 1 arc minute and the number of gears and pin teeth meshing at the same time.

In addition, due to the built-in Japanese IKO cross roller bearing, its end face runout is less than 0.008-0.01mm, and it has high overload capacity, which improves its ability to support external load and makes its structure more compact, thus making it smaller under the same torque demand. These two points are very important for multi-axis industrial robots!

Facing the uneven RV reducers in the market, choosing a powerful RV reducer manufacturer is the focus that every user pays most attention to.

As an old manufacturer who has been deeply involved in the precision reducer industry for more than 20 years, this RV reducer manufacturer in Dongguan has always been adhering to the attitude of being unwilling and perfunctory, treating every customer with care, even if it is a small order, it will never be perfunctory, carefully selecting materials, and meticulously carving, which is worthy of every penny of customers

The core components are all made of high wear resistance and high precision parts, and have been certified by ISO9001 quality system!

The reducer produced by Dongguan RV reducer manufacturer has excellent performance, high efficiency in power transmission, long service life and small gap. All parts that transmit power are rolling friction, which ensures that the reducer has a very low starting torque.

The RV reducer developed and produced by Dongguan RV reducer manufacturer has applied for a patent, which adopts two deceleration principles (power input shaft, cycloid gear and pin gear) to reduce vibration and inertia moment, and allows to decelerate at a large speed ratio.

Because the meshing cycloid-pin wheel structure is almost 100% contact, the transmission gap of RV reducer is very small when carrying out uniform power transmission, and it has high bearing capacity.

With the help of this unique structural design and newly developed radial and axial output bearings, the RV reducer of Dongguan RV reducer manufacturer has high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. The symmetrical structure and the support of rolling bearings of each shaft ensure the stable working state of RV reducer in its whole service life cycle, and the maximum allowable peak load is 6 times of the rated torque.
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