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How to distinguish the authenticity of imported gear reducers?

First, distinguish from the appearance

(1) Check the appearance of the gear reducer. Check if the product's appearance is finely processed and if the color is normal. If there are samples of genuine parts, they can be used for comparison. Generally, counterfeit products have rough appearances and abnormal colors, so careful examination is needed.

(2) Check the markings on the gear reducer products. Genuine imported parts are printed with brand marks, part numbers, and special codes. Some gear reducers also have the manufacturer and country of production marked on them. Genuine products have clear logos, model and markings, as well as the TWLM mark of the supporting factory. Counterfeit products often have unclear markings or altered letter cases, making it difficult to achieve the effect of genuine products.

(3) Measure the dimensions of the products with special calipers to see if they meet the requirements. Some manufacturers also provide gear measurement tools to prevent counterfeiting.

Second, distinguish from the product price

The difference between professional gear reducers and counterfeit products is significant. Genuine imported gear reducers are very expensive, while counterfeit gear reducers are cheaper. The price of gear reducers can exceed one or two times the price of the gear reducer, and sometimes even more.

Genuine foreign professional gear reducers are slightly lower in price than the genuine parts of the gear reducer manufacturer. This is a commonly known price in the industry. Gear reducers priced lower than the conventional price can be judged as non-original gear reducers or professional parts. It should be noted that import duties and markups by middlemen can also cause prices to deviate from the standard price.

Third, analyze the gear reducer procurement channels

There are many channels for purchasing gear reducers, mainly direct imports from overseas or purchasing from distributors. Quality is guaranteed when purchasing directly from overseas manufacturers. If purchasing from distributors or from Hong Kong and Macau, the above methods should be used to distinguish.

In addition, all gear reducers directly imported from overseas come with purchase contracts, bills of lading, waybills, packing lists, and invoices. If purchasing gear reducers from an import company, ask for these documents. Otherwise, it can be judged as non-imported genuine products.

In conclusion, there are various methods for distinguishing imported gear reducers. Do not rely on a single method, use different methods for different types of gear reducers, and use them comprehensively to identify the authenticity of imported gear reducers.
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