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Advantages of High-Precision Cycloidal Reducers from China

Developed and manufactured by a collaboration of German and Taiwanese technicians, the high-precision micro cycloidal gear reducer is a new miniaturized precision cycloidal and spur gear reducer.

Similar to the robot RV reducer, this reducer adopts a cycloidal structure. However, the high-precision micro cycloidal gear reducer only uses a single-stage reduction structure, eliminating the rear two-stage planetary reduction. This design allows for a smaller, ultra-thin, and lightweight form factor, while maintaining high rigidity, overload resistance, and high torque capabilities.

The reducer and robot RV reducer both exhibit excellent reduction performance, enabling smooth operation and precise positioning. Its integrated design allows for direct connection to the motor, providing advantages such as high precision, high rigidity, and durability in mechatronics integration.

Designed for applications requiring large speed ratios, high geometric precision, low loss motion, high torque capacity, and high rigidity, this reducer has a compact design (with a minimum outer diameter of approximately 40mm, currently one of the world's smallest precision cycloidal gear reducers). This allows for installation in limited spaces with low inertia.

The design of the high-precision micro cycloidal gear reducer is based on a new reduction principle and a newly developed radial-axial output bearing, representing a new generation of power transmission systems.

The newly developed transmission technology, combined with innovative structural changes, not only reduces manufacturing and assembly difficulties but also enables the design of transmissions with ultra-large speed ratios. As a result, it can replace both RV reducers and harmonic reducers directly in applications such as robot joints, rotary worktables, and various transportation systems.

Basic components and characteristics of the high-precision cycloidal reducer:​

- Housing: Incorporates high-performance, precision radial-axial output bearings within the reducer.

- Flange: Input and output flanges are fixed together by a pin shaft to rotate at the reduced speed.

- Input shaft: The high-speed component of the reduction mechanism is a flange bearing, and the eccentric rotation of the shaft is supported by the bearing to drive the cycloidal gear.

- Cycloidal gear: Nearly 50% synchronous meshing cycloidal gears can transmit very high torque while ensuring the performance and precision of the reducer.

Advantages of the high-precision cycloidal reducer:

- Miniaturized precision cycloidal structure: Achieves a super-flat shape by adopting a differential reduction mechanism and thin cross roller bearings, contributing to compact equipment dimensions. The combination of small size and unparalleled performance results in the best combination of performance, price, and size (high cost-effectiveness).

- Excellent precision (transmission loss ≤ 1 arcmin): Achieves higher transmission accuracy through precise cycloidal gears and the multiple meshing of high-precision rollers, while maintaining a small size and large speed ratio.

- High rigidity: Improves load distribution by increasing the meshing rate, resulting in high rigidity.

- High overload capacity: Maintains fault-free operation with exceptional low noise and low vibration while ensuring excellent parameters for overturning and torsional.


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