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How do Cycloidal Reducers Have an Effort on Industrial Robot?

In recent years, the Chinese industrial robot market has grown rapidly, but the situation of being dependent on foreign core technologies and components has not improved significantly.

1) The Function of Cycloidal Reducers

With breakthroughs in domestically produced core components such as reducers, the market is gradually maturing, and China's domestically produced industrial robots have the ability to replace some core components.

Under the favorable conditions of policy guidance, artificial intelligence, 5G, and edge computing, as well as advantages in delivery time and cost-effectiveness, Chinese-produced core components are expected to make greater progress in the development of reducers and other core components.

In the industrial robot industry chain, the most challenging part lies in the upstream core components. Among the components such as reducers, servo motors, controllers, and robot bodies, the most crucial part is the reducer.

As the "rhythm master" in the field of industrial control, the reducer uses a gear speed converter to reduce the rotational speed of the motor to the required speed and obtain a larger torque.

It enables a robot to stop precisely by your side and hand you a cup of coffee, allows a high-speed train to make a smooth and precise stop, and enables a tower crane to accurately pour a bucket of cement next to a worker's feet.

It makes these "cold-blooded" machines become "gentle and controllable", completing a precise art during the working process, busy yet orderly, with every movement being precise and efficiently completing production.

As early as 2015, China officially began to develop intelligent manufacturing. With the continuous development of the Chinese industrial robot market, core components such as RV reducers and harmonic reducers used to regulate the motion speed and output torque of robot arms have received great attention.

2) What is the responsibility of RV Reducers in China?

Can RV reducers and harmonic reducers from China undertake the responsibility of achieving high-quality domestically produced reducers?

The Chinese reducer industry has already emerged, although it is still in the stage of catching up with foreign reducers in terms of technology, and has only learned the form without grasping the essence. The reason is that the core technology has not been mastered. However, conversely, this also means that only by mastering unique core technology can advantages be achieved in the industry.

There is also a new product with unique technology that completely subverts the traditional reducer field. This reducer, like the robot RV reducer, adopts a cycloidal structure, but WF only uses a single-stage reduction structure, eliminating the rear two-stage planetary reduction. This allows it to have a smaller size and speed ratio while having high rigidity and torque. It also adopts an integrated design that can be directly connected to the motor. The introduction of this reducer successfully breaks the technological blockade of the United States and Japan, and fills the technological gap in the miniaturization and lightweight of cycloidal reducers.

With the rapid rise of intelligent manufacturing, smart homes, and 5G communication industries, miniaturization and lightweight will become the new development trend of precision reducers.

For example, the transmission device used in robots, precision machine tools, aerospace and other precision servo mechanisms requires high transmission accuracy, high transmission rigidity, large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, small size, light weight, small transmission difference, etc., which are also the problems that Dongguan ​FUBAO cycloid reducer can solve.

With the mass production of a large number of cycloid reducers in China, it will greatly help to break the situation that industrial robots rely heavily on precision reducers imported from Japan and the United States, and contribute to the healthy development of the global industrial robot industry.

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