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Causes the RV reducer destruction factor


RV reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed change of gears to reduce the speed of the engine (engine) to the required speed, thus obtaining greater torque than the mechanism. At present, RV reducer is widely used in mechanical transmission and movement.

Noise pollution is also an important factor causing environmental damage, which will hinder people's normal rest, study and work. Low-noise RV reducer should be the research and development of reducer in our enterprise.

At present, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and building an environment-friendly society has been put on the agenda of the government. It is a form of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and its core is the coordinated and sustainable development of production and consumption between man and nature. Environmental protection technology, products, enterprises and industries are the components of an environment-friendly society.

The noise of RV reducer has great influence on the stable working accuracy, contact accuracy, movement accuracy and assembly accuracy of gears. Noise, the noise of the reducer is caused by the rotating force generated by the meshing of the internal gears during the operation of the reducer. Vibration caused by box work.

Reducing the noise during the operation of RV reducer is an important topic in industry. Many scholars at home and abroad regard the change of gear meshing stiffness as the main factor affecting the gear bearing capacity. Power, vibration and noise In order to reduce noise, dynamic load and speed fluctuation are minimized. Practice has proved that this method is effective. However, using this method, it is often necessary to adjust the shape of the equipment in the production process of large, medium and small factories.

Through years of research, a gear design method is put forward. By optimizing the parameters of gear reducer, such as adjustment coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, center distance, and the meshing ratio of impact speed to impact speed within a certain numerical range, the meshing of impact wheels can be reduced or avoided, and the obvious gear noise can be reduced.

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