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High-precision planetary reducer used in engraving machine


With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, various automation equipment is used to build efficient intelligent factories to help manufacturing enterprises realize intelligent manufacturing upgrade. As one of the core components of automation equipment, high-precision planetary reducer provides guarantee for the efficient operation of industrial automation equipment.

The following is an effective solution of high-precision planetary reducer proposed by Fu Bao Electromechanical Technology according to the actual application requirements of customers.

[Case] I hope to improve the positioning accuracy of engraving machine.

In order to enable the engraving equipment to complete the production operation with high quality and high efficiency, the customer decided to use the high-precision planetary reducer through various studies, so as to solve the problem that the positioning of the engraving machine is unstable, which leads to the deviation in the work and cannot accurately aim at the target parts.

By searching and comparing on the Internet, we found that our products meet the precision requirements of engraving machine, so we used WAB series high-precision planetary reducer in the design of engraving machine.

The high-precision planetary reducer, which plays an important role in industrial automation equipment, has the performance of high-precision positioning. The gearheads product with integrated motor installation parts is smoothly matched with the motor used by the customer, which greatly improves the deviation of the customer's engraving equipment in work and improves the working efficiency of the equipment.

High-precision planetary reducers are widely used in CNC engraving equipment in China, and different kinds of engraving machines need different precisions. The high-precision planetary reducers supplied by Fu Bao Electromechanical Technology can meet the different precisions required by various engraving machines and can be selected by manufacturers as required.

At present, many engraving machine manufacturers have cooperated with our company for a long time, and the working accuracy and efficiency of the machinery have been improved.

There are many kinds of engraving equipment, such as woodworking engraving machine, stone carving machine, advertising engraving machine, metal engraving machine, jade engraving machine, CNC laser engraving machine, CNC engraving machine, etc. Although these engraving machines have different names, they are all composed of the following parts, which are briefly described in the following small series.

(1) Control system: composed of control card, switching power supply and motor driver.

(2) Auxiliary system: it consists of circulating cooling water pump, blowing compressor, smoke exhaust fan, etc.

(3) Transmission system: linear guide rail, screw rod, belt, servo or stepping motor, high-precision reducer, etc.

(4) Mechanical platform: It consists of machine cover, guide rail, base, reflector and other mechanical accessories.

No matter what kind of engraving machine, engraving accuracy and efficiency are essential conditions. Fu Bao's high-precision planetary reducer is characterized by low backlash, high efficiency, high torque, high input speed and high stability, so many customers choose our high-precision planetary reducer series products.

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