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Choosing the Right Gearbox for Automatic Screen-Printing Machine

The fully automatic screen-printing machine is primarily used for screen printing on various roll-to-roll materials such as PET, PVC, PC, and B0PP films. It is a widely applicable printing equipment. In order to achieve more precise, faster, and higher automation in the screen printing process, advanced techniques and technologies are utilized, along with the implementation of a gearbox for driving purposes. With a wide range of gearbox options available, how should one choose the suitable gearbox for a fully automatic screen printing machine?

1) The fully automatic screen-printing machine is a mechanism​

It enables continuous motion, characterized by high precision, smooth operation, low noise, excellent high-speed performance, and long lifespan. It finds extensive applications in LCD glass, lens glass, packaging boxes, light-emitting panels, glass sheets, mobile phone lenses, displays, panels, nameplates, acrylic films, touch screens, light guide plates, TVs, circuit industries, plastic bags, optoelectronic industries, single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer PCBs, liquid green oil, flash films, flexible circuits, membrane switches, IMD, IML, adhesive labels, thermal transfer films, trademarks, labels, nameplates, non-woven bags, and other fields.

Based on these characteristics, Fubao Mechanical and Electrical Technology has selected the WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox: WAB120L1-5-24-110 with a 1.5KW servo motor. This gearbox offers low noise, strong stability, low backlash, and excellent compatibility with the equipment.

2) The WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox

It adopts a helical gear design, with gears made of high-quality alloy steel treated with carbon-nitrogen co-diffusion, ensuring optimal wear resistance and impact resistance. It features high gear accuracy and low product noise.In practical applications, the WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox is used as follows:

When paired with a fully automatic screen printing machine, this WEITENSTAN planetary gearbox is highly convenient and space-saving. As a gearbox manufacturer, Fubao combines the actual application requirements of the fully automatic screen printing machine to provide tailored solutions and ensure optimal performance for your equipment.

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