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What is WF Series Robot Gearbox?

1) The WF Series Robot Gearbox is widely used in industrial robotics

The WF Series Robot Gearbox is a compact and lightweight transmission device widely used in industrial robotics. WF series robot reducer is popular in the market because of its compact shape, light weight, high rigidity and strong resistance to high load.

The cycloid gears on the reducer are engaged synchronously by nearly 50% , so high-speed operation can be achieved while ensuring high-precision positioning.

Compared with other speed reducer, the gear gap, rotating vibration and inertia of the special speed reducer of the robot are smaller, which can realize smooth motion control.

2) In addition, WF series robot special reducer is also reflected in the company

With the simple installation of servo motor, can be directly connected with any brand motor, without any device. Due to the wide range of deceleration ratio, even the use of small motor can also achieve the desired results.

Therefore, the reducer can be linked with various robots to shorten the running cycle and improve production efficiency. Compared with the traditional reducer, WF series robot reducer has the advantages of small size, light weight, high precision and so on.

3) The reducer is also widely used in medical devices

For example, Scara robots, manipulators, machine tools, navigation and security systems and other fields.

Their popularity has provided a new approach to robot motion control, eliminating reliance on imported decelerators and pushing the upgrading of China's manufacturing sector.

In summary, the WF Series Robot Gearbox has gained widespread recognition in the market for its compactness, reliability, and versatility, providing a multitude of options for automation control in industries ranging from industrial automation to medical equipment and aerospace.


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