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Domestic RV Gear Reducers: Overcoming China's Challenges

Reducers play a crucial role in improving the precision and torque of robotic joint movements. Common types of reducers include planetary  reducers, cycloidal reducers, harmonic  reducers, and RV reducers.

As China's manufacturing industry undergoes a transformation and upgrade, there is a significant demand for industrial robots. However, without a solution to the core component of reducers, Chinese manufacturers have been reliant on foreign brands.

This has been a longstanding technological challenge for Chinese manufacturing, but it is gradually being overcome by some domestic RV reducer manufacturers. These manufacturers have innovated at the source of RV  reducers, helping China break the long-term monopoly of foreign brands.

One such RV  reducer manufacturer is based in Dongguan, known as the "world's factory." Since its establishment, this manufacturer has been dedicated to the research and production of high-precision reducers. Through healthy competition, they have gained recognition from numerous domestic users and gradually developed their own brand. Moreover, they have collaborated with technicians from Germany and Taiwan to develop new micro-precision cycloidal and spur reducers.

These reducers, with a minimum outer diameter of only 40mm, are characterized by their small size, ultra-thin profile, lightweight construction, high rigidity, overload resistance, and high precision (transmission loss ≤ 1 arcmin). This manufacturer has become one of the few capable of achieving a harmonic size in a cycloidal structure.

This is a groundbreaking development for China's entire manufacturing industry and brings hope to the domestic industrial robot market. Industrial robots are the crown jewel of the manufacturing industry, but the market share of domestic industrial robots lags behind that of foreign brands.

To bridge this gap, it is essential to overcome the challenge of RV reducers, which are a core component.

Through continuous exploration, this RV reducer manufacturer in Dongguan has applied for 18 invention patents, including 6 international PCT invention patents. Their newly developed transmission technology, combined with breakthrough innovations in structure, not only reduces the difficulty of production and installation but also enables the design of transmission with extremely high speed ratios. Since its launch, their reducers have received high praise, laying a foundation for domestic substitution in industrial robot RV reducers.

Furthermore, the new technological path has significantly expanded the application range for this RV reducer manufacturer in Dongguan. They can now cater to various needs, from small-sized inspection robots, parallel robots, collaborative robots, and medical robots to large-scale industrial robots.

Domestic RV reducer manufacturers have broken the technical monopoly of Japanese  reducers, freeing the core technology of domestic industrial robots from dependence on imports. This achievement is of great significance, and we believe that the future of domestic reducers is promising in the face of international competition.

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