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RV Reducers Are Widely Used in Industrial Robot

In the current stage of technological advancement, the level of technology in the industrial manufacturing industry has been further improved. Especially in high-precision manufacturing and large-scale manufacturing, industrial robots are widely used in production activities.

The performance of industrial robots determines the manufacturing level of a company, highlighting the importance of industrial robots for businesses. The quality of industrial robots primarily depends on their precision, which is significantly influenced by one of the key core components - the RV reducer.

Now let's analyze why the application of RV reducers is so widespread in industrial robots.

According to relevant data, the cost of reducers accounts for 38% of the total cost of an industrial robot, making it the highest cost component among all robot manufacturing costs. On average, each industrial robot requires 4.5 RV reducers.

RV reducers are commonly used in robot joints with high torque, specifically in the leg, waist, and elbow joints. For heavy-load industrial robots, RV reducers are used in the first, second, and third axes. To put it simply, if we compare a robot to a human arm or leg, RV reducers are equivalent to elbow joints and knees, determining the precision of the robot. It is evident how crucial the role of RV reducers is.

You may wonder why RV reducers are needed when the power source of industrial robots is generally AC servo motors, which can achieve speed control through pulse signal drive. This is because continuously increasing the motor power is not feasible when the robot carries a heavy load. The best approach is to use RV reducers to enhance the output torque. When the motor operates at low frequencies, it is unfavorable for the precision of the robot. RV reducers can allow the motor to operate at an appropriate speed, enabling each part of the robot to achieve the required speed.

In conclusion, RV reducers are indispensable components of modern industrial robots, which are crucial production equipment for the manufacturing industry. This explains why the application of RV reducers is so widespread.


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