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High-Quality Planetary Gear Reducers from Fubao

Planetary reducers are often used in the field of precision motion control to meet the application requirements of high torque, high torsional rigidity, and low backlash.

As the "heart" of mechanical equipment, the performance and quality of planetary reducers have a vital impact on the production efficiency and processing quality of the equipment.

Dongguan planetary reducer manufacturer - Fubao Mechanical and Electrical Technology adopts an integrated planetary carrier and output shaft, which can provide better torsional rigidity. After precision processing,
the gear set is not easy to be eccentric, which can reduce interference, reduce wear and noise, and adopts a relatively Large spans are used to configure the bearings to disperse the load on the bearings and once again enhance the torque rigidity and radial load capacity of the gearbox.

The output cover is made of aluminum alloy, which provides better heat dissipation capacity for the product, allowing the reducer produced by Fubao Mechanical and Electrical Technology to exert excellent performance in the field of mechanical tools.
The planetary gear set is specially made of alloy steel. It is first quenched and tempered to make the material hardness reach HRC30 degrees, and then nitrided and surface treated to HV860, so that the product has the characteristics of high surface hardness and high core toughness, and obtains product strength and lifespan. optimization.

The input shaft and the motor output shaft are connected by a bolted structure, with a circular shaft seal design, and through dynamic balance analysis, it can ensure that there is no eccentric load at high speeds. After reducing unnecessary radial force, it can effectively Reduce the load on the motor side.

The input cover/motor connection seat is made of aluminum alloy to provide better heat dissipation. Professional lathe processing provides good concentricity and verticality, so that the product can be stably combined with various motors, reducing the risk of damage caused by insufficient accuracy. Unnecessary shaft radial force allows the product to have a longer life cycle.

A good manufacturer should have relevant certification qualifications and provide complete after-sales service and quality assurance. Dongguan planetary reducer manufacturer-Fubao Mechanical and Electrical Technology has applied for 18 invention patents, 6 of which have applied for international PCT invention patents. The perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system has given it a good reputation in the industry, with customers all over the country.

In general, the performance and quality of the reducer are closely related to the strength of the manufacturer. Therefore, users should choose a strong manufacturer when purchasing a planetary reducer.
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