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Planetary reducer is a transmission device for industry

The planetary reducer is a transmission device for industrial equipment. Its function is to increase the output torque of the system by reducing the speed. The main transmission structures are: planetary gear, sun gear, and external ring gear.

Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have high rigidity, high precision (the minimum backlash of a single stage can be within 1 arc minute), high transmission efficiency (97%-98% of a single stage), high torque, compact structure, and high efficiency. , high stability, high shaft radial load capacity and other characteristics. Because of these characteristics, planetary reducers are mostly installed on stepper motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia.

As the power source of mechanical equipment, the motor itself can achieve speed regulation. Why is a planetary reducer needed? In response to this question, reducer manufacturer-Fubao Technology uses servo motors as an example to explain.

Since the servo motor rotates at a high speed, generally between 3000-6000 rpm, such a high input speed will accelerate the wear and aging of the bearing seal ring, causing leakage and overheating. At this time, the ordinary gear reducer cannot match the motor. The reasons are as follows: point.

1. The input speed of ordinary gear reducer is ≤ 1500rpm. For high-speed running servo motor, the input speed of the reducer needs to be above 3000-6000rpm. Planetary reducers currently carry motor inputs up to 8000rpm, which just meets the performance requirements of servo motors.

2. The planetary reducer is a product that amplifies torque and reduces speed. The original torque of the servo motor in the equipment is not enough. When used in conjunction with the servo motor, it can provide a high-precision and powerful control module.

3. Since the servo motor is a high-precision motor, it can be controlled and used through communication protocols, and can be equipped with an encoder to achieve precise positioning. It is a commonly used motor in precision automation equipment, CNC machine tools and industrial robots. If the matching reducer has low precision and low efficiency, the high precision of the servo motor itself will be lost. The high precision, high input speed and other characteristics of the planetary reducer are used in conjunction with the servo motor to complement each other.

The above are the fundamental reasons for the use of planetary reducers and servo motors. If you have any other questions, please contact Fubao Technology customer service and we will provide you with professional answers.
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