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​High-Precision Cycloidal Reducers Used in Machining Industry

The high-precision micro cycloidal reducer, based on the cycloidal needle wheel principle, eliminates the planetary gear stage found in RV structures. It integrates high-strength cross-roller bearings, offering advantages such as high precision, low backlash, high rigidity, and compact size.

​ Due to its exceptional performance, the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer has found widespread application in cutting-edge industries such as semiconductor LCD manufacturing equipment, robotics, and machine tools that require precise motion control.

In order to improve the surface quality and efficiency of metal workpieces, machine tools must achieve high precision, high efficiency, the ability to process hard materials, high reliability, long lifespan, and low wear during operation.

As a core component of automated equipment, how does the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer play a role in machine tool processing? Let's explain its function through two case studies.

(Case Study 1)

B-axis Rotating Tool Head: The high-precision micro cycloidal reducer, utilizing cycloidal transmission technology, increases torque transmission and achieves extraordinary machining accuracy. Its compact design replaces the expensive combination of bearings and harmonic reducers.

(Case Study 2)

C-axis Positioning of Lathe Spindle: The high-strength radial bearings, high rigidity, and low runout value of the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer eliminate lathe shape deviations and ensure workpiece surface quality.

 From the above case studies, it is evident that the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer is closely related to machine tool precision. It can even be said that the performance of the reducer largely determines the performance of the machine tool. So, what are the performance characteristics of the high-precision cycloidal reducer that plays a crucial role in the machining industry?

1) Low transmission loss and low transmission error, significantly improving machine tool accuracy.

2) Excellent lifespan, to a certain extent, enhancing machine tool quality and lifespan.

3) High rigidity and low vibration characteristics enable smooth and precise machine tool motion, improving workpiece surface smoothness and accuracy, while reducing machining time, truly achieving time and cost efficiency.

4) Output flange design reduces runout, ensuring higher machine tool precision.

5) Single-stage reduction design with smaller axial dimensions creates a low-noise, high-precision, and highly integrated environment for machine tool operations.

6) Advantages of small size and high speed ratio mean smaller motors can be used, increasing the efficiency of machine tool operations.

7) High output torque improves the machine tool's lifespan.

8) High overload capacity gives the machine tool high shock resistance and reliability.

6. It is evident that the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer exhibits excellent performance, making it widely used in the precision machining industry and establishing its position in the automation industry.

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