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Competition among Cycloidal Reducers around the World

With the development of China's industrial robot industry, the demand for RV reducers in China's robot industry has shown a continuous growth trend, which has to some extent promoted the synchronous development of China's reducer industry, but most of them still rely on imports.

If advanced precision manufacturing equipment from foreign countries is used, it will undoubtedly greatly increase the manufacturing cost, not to mention that some precision manufacturing equipment is still in the "technology blockade" stage.

Breakthroughs must be made in technology

In order to achieve domestic substitution, breakthroughs must be made in technology. The newly developed transmission technology, combined with revolutionary innovations in structure, the domestically produced high-precision micro cycloidal reducer from China can not only reduce the difficulty of manufacturing and assembly, but also realize transmission design with ultra-high speed ratios. Therefore, it has gradually replaced the single cycloidal pinwheel planetary transmission and pure cycloidal pinwheel harmonic transmission.

The core component of the high-precision micro cycloidal reducer is the cycloidal gear, which adopts an arc-shaped design with an R-angle tooth structure. The teeth are large and rounded, and through the meshing with high-precision roller pins, higher transmission accuracy is achieved while maintaining small size and large speed ratios.

Under high-speed operation, the R-angle teeth design is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant, making it very suitable for frequent forward and reverse operations.

1) Cycloidal reducers and harmonic reducers​

Comparison between high-precision micro cycloidal reducers and harmonic reducers: Harmonic reducers can achieve very compact structures due to their fine structure, but their load-bearing capacity is generally lower and requires additional bearings. The rigidity is not as good as RV reducers. There is sliding friction between the wave generator, flex spline, and circular spline, resulting in significant accuracy loss and decreasing rigidity over time.

2) Cycloidal reducers and planetary reducers

Comparison between high-precision micro cycloidal reducers and planetary reducers: Planetary reducers have excellent load-bearing capacity, but they are relatively large in size. The minimum transmission loss that planetary reducers can achieve is only 3 arc minutes. Traditional gear transmission involves sliding friction and produces high noise.

With the rise of Chinese manufacturing, domestically produced reducers from China are developing well, and the technology is gradually maturing. In recent years, the Chinese government has also introduced policies to support the healthy development of China's industrial robot and domestically produced reducer industries. In the future, with continuous research and development and innovation in China, high-precision micro cycloidal reducers will continue to have a positive development trend.

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