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How to Deal with Heating Issues in Harmonic Reducers

The harmonic speed reducer plays an important role in the operation of mechanical equipment. Due to its small size, light weight, and high-precision reduction effect, it is widely used by many manufacturers of mechanical equipment.
As a reduction tool, the harmonic speed reducer is bound to encounter some problems after prolonged use, such as heating issues. Today, I'm going to share some knowledge about how to deal with the heating of harmonic speed reducers.
Generally, there are two main reasons for the heating of the speed reducer. One is related to problems with the eccentric bearings, and the other is related to lubricating oil. Of course, there are other issues as well, such as improper installation of new machines. These two are relatively common situations. Now, let's discuss how to identify and solve these problems.
When we notice that the harmonic speed reducer is heating up, we can start by checking the lubricating oil to see if the machine is running low on it. If there's insufficient or dried-up lubricating oil, we can add the appropriate amount.
If even after adding lubricating oil, the temperature of the harmonic speed reducer doesn't decrease, then it's not an issue with the lubricating oil. In that case, we need to continue troubleshooting. Next, we can look at the duration of machine operation, as prolonged continuous operation and overload can lead to heating, which is a normal occurrence. The solution to this problem is simple—just shut down the machine for a period of time.
Another aspect to consider is whether the installation of the harmonic speed reducer and the machine is appropriate. Inappropriate installation can also lead to heating issues. This problem is similar to the problem of eccentric bearings in the harmonic speed reducer and requires a certain level of technical expertise to identify. If you're not familiar with this, it's advisable to seek assistance from the speed reducer manufacturer for testing.
Once the problem is identified, solving it becomes straightforward. For those not well-versed in speed reducers, after checking the lubricating oil and prolonged operation, if the issue persists, seeking help from a professional harmonic speed reducer manufacturer would be beneficial for quickly resolving the problem and avoiding any potential major issues.
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