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The Advantages of Planetary Gear Reducers

Planetary gear reducers are mainly composed of sun gears, planet gears, and internal gears. They have a simple structure and high transmission efficiency, and are often installed on servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and achieve precise positioning. They are widely used in CNC machine tools, industrial robots, service robots, manipulators, food machinery, packaging machinery, laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, printing machinery, injection molding machinery, photovoltaic equipment, lithium battery equipment, and other mechanical equipment.
It is reported that the miniaturization and lightweight of mechanical equipment is a trend. How to balance product performance and quality with low-cost and efficient production is a crucial issue that all equipment manufacturers must focus on. Our planetary gear reducer fully utilizes limited space by designing bearings and gear ratios within a limited space, making it smaller and more space-saving than traditional reducers.
In addition to its compact structure, our planetary gear reducer also excels in performance! It has a stable and robust gear set that disperses the load acting on the gears. The precise gear set ensures that the load is distributed to each planetary gear, allowing it to withstand larger loads and improve product performance.
Furthermore, it is well-known that reducers incur losses during the reduction process. The gear transmission efficiency loss of ordinary reducers is 6-7%, which significantly affects the efficiency of mechanical equipment. However, our planetary gear reducer operates with gears that are in a completely tight meshing state, reducing the risk of gear damage due to gear or local meshing. With a completely tight meshing characteristic, the efficiency loss of each gear transmission segment is only 3%, ensuring high transmission efficiency from the input of kinetic energy to the mechanical end, and avoiding mechanical losses caused by internal gear friction and sliding. This greatly enhances the efficiency of mechanical equipment operation.
With the rapid growth in demand for industrial robots and automation equipment due to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry towards automation, planetary gear reducers will have an even broader market space.
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