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How to Prevent Rust in Precision RV Reducers?

Precision gearboxes are widely used transmission devices in industrial automation equipment. Due to their advantages, they are favored by manufacturers. However, during use, issues such as oxidation and rusting of gearboxes can significantly reduce their lifespan.

In fact, most of the materials used in our daily equipment are made of steel. If maintenance and care are not properly observed during use, oxidation and rusting can occur. Today, I will provide some effective measures to prevent rusting of precision gearboxes.

The specific measures are as follows:

1. Keep the surface clean and dry.

2. Inject lubricating oil into the friction surfaces between moving parts to form an oil film, preventing metal contact, reducing wear, and preventing the rust-proof layer from peeling off.

3. Apply a layer of non-rusting metal on the surface of the precision gearbox to form a dense oxide film, preventing direct contact with water, air, and other substances that can cause rusting.

4. Corrosion in precision gearboxes is mainly caused by oxygen, water, acids, and sulfides in the lubricating oil. Rust inhibitors and anti-corrosion additives can be added to the oil to prevent rusting.

These are effective measures to prevent oxidation and rusting of precision gearboxes. Fubao Mechatronics Technology reminds you that rusting can significantly affect the lifespan and performance of equipment. Therefore, proper maintenance and care should be observed in the daily use of the equipment.


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