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What is Flange Output Gearbox:Working Principle&Advantages

The main purpose of a gearbox is to reduce speed while increasing output torque and reducing the inertia of the load. Its application in modern industries is becoming increasingly widespread. So, how much do you know about its working principle and advantages? In this article, we will take the example of the FUBAO Flange Output Gearbox to help you understand its working principle and advantages.

Working Principle of WF Series Flange Output Gearbox:

The entire transmission system of the gearbox can be divided into three parts: the input section, the reduction section, and the output section.

The input shaft is a double eccentric structure with a 180° displacement. It is equipped with two cylindrical roller bearings on the eccentric shaft, forming an H mechanism. The center holes of the two cycloidal gears serve as the rolling tracks for the eccentric sleeve on the output arm bearing. The cycloidal gears engage with a circular arrangement of needle teeth on the needle gear, forming a differential internal meshing reduction mechanism.

When the input shaft rotates one full revolution with the eccentric sleeve, the movement of the cycloidal gears becomes a combination of both revolution and self-rotation due to the characteristics of the tooth profile on the cycloidal gears and the restrictions imposed by the needle teeth on the needle gear. As the input shaft rotates one full revolution in the forward direction, the eccentric sleeve also rotates one full revolution.

This causes the cycloidal gears to rotate in the opposite direction by one tooth difference, resulting in a reduction in speed. The low-speed self-rotation of the cycloidal gears is transmitted to the output shaft through the pin shaft, thus achieving a lower output speed and delivering a greater output torque.

Advantages of WF Series Flange Output Gearbox:

  •  High efficiency: The adoption of cycloidal gears and needle gears in the internal meshing mechanism ensures efficient power transmission.

  •  Compact design: The compact structure of the gearbox allows for easy installation and integration into various applications.

  •  Low noise and vibration: The precise meshing of the gears reduces noise and vibration during operation, ensuring a smooth and quiet performance.

  •  High torque capacity: The gearbox is designed to handle high torque loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

  •  Reliable and durable: The use of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes ensures the gearbox's reliability and longevity.

  • By understanding the working principle and advantages of the WF Series Flange Output Gearbox, we can appreciate its contribution to various industries where precise speed reduction and high torque output are required.

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